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Company Profile

Double A Tactical


Founded: 2010

Owner: Jim Wood

Certifications: NRA Certified Instructor, Certified Utah Concealed Carry Permit Instructor

Welcome to Double A Tactical

Located in Waynesboro Virginia, Double A Tactical provides Concealed Carry, Marksmanship & Defensive Handgun courses for beginners through advanced levels. 

We provide you with the personal tools to become a safe, knowledgeable, confident and skillful gun owner.  Students who strive to achieve a certain confidence level appreciate the high quality training and valuable classroom instruction that we provide as certified instructors.  Our main focus is prepare you to be a responsible gun owner in todays world.

Double A Tactical currently offers both Live Fire and Non-Live Fire instructional courses.  Beginners who have never had any formal handgun training should start with the NRA Home Firearm Safety course to familiarize themselves with the basics of firearm use and safety.  Then progress to the NRA Basic Pistol course where range and Live Fire exercises are required.  

We can also provide personal one on one coaching to show you how to become the most confident shooter you can be.  Our instructors use their years of training to provide a more intense and advanced instruction in areas such as... 

-Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics
-Self Defense for Concealed Carry
-Close Quarter Combat Techniques
-Skill Building/Training Seminars
-Tactical Firearms Readiness

Our courses are not just about pulling the trigger...our instructors go into the details of gun ownership and use including cleaning, maintaining and storage of firearms.  We also discuss ammunition, safety equipment, range equipment and firearm upgrades.  Most importantly we discuss liabilities of gun ownership...local, state and federal laws that pertain to your rights of ownership, concealed and open carry laws, states reciprocity restrictions and the what to expect if you are forced to defend yourself with your firearm.

From the beginner to the more advanced...Double A Tactical has the "real world" experience combined with an attention to detail that will surpass any of your expectations in firearms training and instruction.