The instructors at Double A Tactical provide a wide variety of firearms training that can be tailored to fit your needs.​  We customize specific training to your request all the while never taking short cuts in quality.  Our instructors have the knowledge and skill to personalize your training with a quality that is second to none and a safety record that will match any in the country.

We provide training in Safety, Marksmanship, Self Defense, Beginner and Advanced Carry Tactics, Close Quarter Combat Techniques and Tactical Firearms Readiness.  Learn not just the basics but develop your skills to a level you never thought possible.

If you are forced to protect you or your loved ones life with a firearm, you will never find yourself in that perfect position like you are when target shooting...let our instructors teach you what it is like to be perfectly comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

This training is done by appointment only so call now and schedule training for you and your family.








Active Shooter Readiness

Is your home, Church, School or Business ready for the unexpected?  

In today's world you have to be ready for the unthinkable.  The training that Double A Tactical provides is not designed to make you paranoid it is designed to make you offensive minded. Paranoid is where you think everyone is out to get you...offensive minded, is where you are ready for those who are.  We want you to enjoy your life not be constantly looking over your shoulder.  

Double A Tactical will give you and your family, congregation, faculty or employees the skills necessary to react correctly if that unthinkable act ever comes to you.  Your preparation, training and plan for an Active Shooter will save lives.

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Utah Concealed Carry Permit Class

Range Training - Live Fire

Double A Tactical has provided classes to obtain the Virginia Concealed Carry Permit to more clients than any other live instructors in the Commonwealth of Virginia since 2013.  

Our class far exceeds the requirements from the Commonwealth of Virginia by certifying you in the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course where you learn the fundamentals of firearm safety, handling, storage and care.  

In addition to the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course you will also receive training in how the Commonwealth of Virginia handles self defense cases.  We discuss the Concealed Carry Code of Virginia (18.2-308), Use of Deadly Force, Reciprocity, When and Where You Can Carry, the Reasonableness Standard, How Courts Adjudicate Cases, What Your Rights Are and What You Should Do if You Are Ever Forced to Use a a Firearm in Self Defense.  

Everyone should understand Virginia Law and what your responsibilities are within it before they step foot on the range or carry a firearm on a regular basis.

This portion of the class has comes with a Certificate of Completion...two certificates for the price of one.  

Virginia Concealed Carry Permit Class

Corporate Training & Team Building

34 States!

IF your state (such as Virginia) has a reciprocal agreement with the State of Utah; you may apply for a non-resident Utah Concealed Carry Permit and be granted all the rights and privileges as a Utah resident enjoys.  

Utah is known as the one permit in the United States that you would want mainly because Utah has more reciprocity agreements than any other state in America.  If you possess a Utah Non-Resident Permit you will have access to carrying a concealed firearm in...

Ever wonder what you could do to help build that team atmosphere in your office?  

How about a day of training that could help bring your employees together in an activity that is not just fun but also gives everyone a common bond that would reduce some of the normal everyday stresses of the work place and increase the comradery, production and spirit of your fellow co-workers and employees.  Packages can be put together that provide everything you would need for your company's day at the range including all firearms, ammunition, safety and we can even provide a catered lunch.  

You wouldn't have to do anything except hear the praises of your employees of what a great day at the range it was and how you are the best boss ever.

​Call now to plan your Corporate Training & Team Building Day at the Range.



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